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ENSYS Integrated Technologies is an IT professional services firm, providing integrated technology and service solutions.


Individually, we have worked for companies big and small, and freelanced for organizations small and large. We understand every perspective.


Together, we strive to provide an innovative approach to help organizations increase their operational efficiency, lower operating expenses, and improve service levels.

We deliver IT services to meet your every need. Your satisfaction with the reliability of your technology systems is our top priority.


Every business is different. For that reason, we work with you in order to offer tailored services that are right for you.


From a simple project to full IT Management, our commitment is to provide you with the flexibility and choices you need to efficiently run your business.

New! Hosted Exchange Service

Need access to your email on the go? Who doesn't, these days!


Whether you use Microsoft Exchange® or your emails are hosted by a leading telecom giant, our service will enable you to:

  • Access your account from anywhere on the web. No VPN required

  • Access all of your email on all of your devices. No wires, no synching. Gone are the days of Cc'ing yourself when sending mail from your mobile!


With our Hosted Exchange Service, we can migrate your business' existing email accounts hassle-free.

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