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Our Services & Expertise

At Ensys Integrated Technologies, we work with the three key elements of preserving the balance of great IT service: Data, Infrastructure, and Users.


The first step is always to evaluate your current infrastructure and technology. We work with you to better understand your business needs, and to identify the most critical areas of technology on which your company relies to reach its goals.


Ensuring safe and reliable access to documents, file sharing, and emails. 


Maintaining the integrity of the foundation upon which you base your information exchange.


Resolving and preventing technical issues, while educating users in online best practices.

Data Security, Storage, and Backup

Our design, implementation, and management of your security architecture is based on your business vision.


Rest assured that your files are safe, always accessible to you, and can be easily recovered.

Hosted Exchange with Email Spam Protection

We offer a secure Hosted Exchange Email Service with anti-spam filtering and web access.


Hosted Exchange provides full redundancy and email continuity. This allows for higher availability, email backup and recovery, and minimized downtime compared to on-premise solutions.

Antivirus Monitoring

Antivirus protection is critical to businesses. We monitor scans across your network with a vigilant eye to ensure any abnormality is addressed immediately.

Network Infrastructure

Designing simple or complex networks, setting up virtual data centers, or migrating from one system to another requires knowledge and experience. 


We use proven tools and methods to assess, design, implement, and support your network environment.

Server Maintenance, Upgrade, and Virtualization

Servers require constant monitoring to keep them running optimally. Our team of experts will eliminate your overhead costs in unexpected malfunctions and replacements.

Onsite and Offsite IT Management

Whether you have one office or several, we can manage all of your IT needs. This includes support tickets, inventory and asset management, onsite/offsite servers, internet, software licensing, and much more.

Email and User Support

Our team of passionate technicians and engineers are available for one-on-support and are not restricted through ranks of levels 1 and up.

We are always able and willing to answer any question and get you the solution you need.

Mobile Devices

iPhones, Androids, Blackberries - we support them all. Ensuring you remain connected to your email, contacts, VPN, and all of your critical applications is a number one priority in the highly mobile business world of today.

Employee Training and Workshops

Increase productivity by streamlining the learning curve of ever-changing technology.


We offer on-site workshops to develop your employees' skills on most common software, operating systems, and hardware components.

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